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big-fish, little-fish, card-board-box

big-fish, little-fish, card-board-box

On carving a tuna: At some point last year I discovered Channel 4’s ‘Snackmasters’, a show where Michelin-starred chefs try to recreate everyday snacks. These high-end cuisiniers nibbled at the corners of a Quaver to decipher its notes and mouthfeel; they built special plates to get the tiny crisscrosses on their Kitkat waffles; and even hired translators to interpret the extruder they had ordered all the way from China in the hopes of reproducing the particular crunch of a Monster Munch.

Exhibited at Belvedere 21, Museum of Contemporary Art (2023), Memphis (2022) & Haus (2021). Photos by Flavio Palasciano & Jakob Dietrich.